ChatGPT is giving some amazing results!

With a simple prompt ChatGPT wrote this poem on Lifetime Deals

A lifetime deal, oh what a steal

A bargain so sweet, it's almost surreal

No need to renew, no annual fee

A lifetime of savings, for you and for me

With a lifetime deal, the savings never end

No more counting pennies, no more budget to bend

We can splurge a little, and treat ourselves right

With a lifetime deal, our wallets take flight

But wait, there's more to a lifetime deal

Than just the savings, it's a chance to heal

A chance to try something new, and take a leap

A chance to grow and learn, and create and keep

So here's to the lifetime deal, a blessing in disguise

A gift that keeps on giving, with endless surprise

May we never tire of its perks and its charms

And may it bring us joy, and joy in our arms.

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