Help us shape the SaasTribe Platform.

Help us shape the SaasTribe Platform.
Building SaasTribe

Just bouncing off some ideas here, and let me know if you have some feedback as we build and launch the SaasTribe platform.While we can undoubtedly launch Lifetime deals and discounted subscriptions on SaasTribe, we want to pick the tools we launch carefully based on specific criteria. Currently, multiple marketplaces launch all types of curated Saas tools, but I think there is an opportunity for better curation and ownership. More on this latter.Our target market also includes Small businesses and Mid market customer bases where we currently sell, so there is a particular criterion we are looking for tools to meet. Manage Saas subscriptions for Small and Midmarket businesses as one of our most important revenue sources.A considerable risk comes with LTD deals, despite doing all the due diligence, so how do we mitigate that risk? Looking for some suggestions and feedback from the community.If you have any thoughts, let us know.

  1. Do what other platforms are doing but improve upon specific things in the Deal quality and terms. Example: Sell deals under SaasTribe and offer a deferred payment to the founder over XX months/years or validate the quality of tools that many platforms seem to ignore.
  2. Market SaasTribe as a launch platform where Founders can go ahead and pitch their deal, keep, let's say, XX% of the revenue, and get a deferred payment based on specific KPIs voted and agreed upon by the community. We provide all the infrastructure to sell and promote—like a Hybrid of crowdfunding and LTD deals.
  3. Figure out a way to pass 100% risk to founders and let the community vote if we should fund specific deals or not - this will be a much more complex undertaking. - more like Kickstarter but also ensure long-term success considering a certain number of users will need to support the deal, and if that threshold hasn't been met, no one should invest in it.
  4. Take ownership as in currently, most LTDs are positioned as the Lifetime of the product, so if it is dead even within a year, you might not get a refund, but on the SaasTribe platform, if it is dead within 3 years, we process a refund.

We are more inclined towards a Saas Management + Saas Deal Launch type platform (subscription + some LTDs) as that would validate the ideas better for newer startups and help us drive recurring revenue for all stakeholders. The potential is vast for Saas management, and we have tons of experience in this particular space. This will not be perfect on day one, but getting feedback from users will help us improve and steer in the right direction. We are adding many exciting features that appeal to end users and businesses, so stay tuned.

This post is work in progress!

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