Genuinely Building Early Adopters

Genuinely Building Early Adopters

How Ghost allows you to turn anonymous readers into an audience of active subscribers, so you know what's working and what isn't.

No amount of fake reviews on Appsumo or G2 or Capterra, generating false hype, an incentive for votes for Product Hunt product of the day will help you drive MRR. As you can see 99% of the tools launched on Appsumo will fail to be accepted in the mainstream. Most of the rare successful Saas platforms which were on Appsumo don't have that many reviews and never had to keep offering a Lifetime deal.

If the platform fails to meet their expectations, it will likely generate a negative sentiment for any potential customers influenced by this fake review circus. Do not try to fool your customers or trick them into believing something you are not. So before you indulge in any of that, think. It is your platform, and you decide what to do with it, but here are some numbers of products which did well, have a decent subscriber base or have received some funding, demonstrating investor confidence in the platform. Then, of course, there are a few more, but you get the point. On the contrary, many products with a high number of reviews are likely to fail, mainly because the product is precisely what it is, Hyped!

Product and the number of reviews on Appsumo!

  1. Restream - 72 reviews
  2. Paperform - 42 reviews
  3. Helpwise - 27 reviews
  4. Airmeet - 81 reviews
  5. Userguiding - 35 reviews

Many software tool reviews aren't legitimate if you aren't aware. They are incentivized to drive more sales and don't paint an accurate picture.

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