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As a startup, it’s essential to understand where you fit in the market and how to best position your product. Product Market Fit is critical to success.  If you’re just starting out, you might not be on most people’s radar yet, especially compared to more mature companies. Channel partners can provide tremendous value for startups looking to grow their businesses. Although massive, the traditional channel partner ecosystem was initially built for large corporations and focused on helping them buy technology products and services from providers such as Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, HPE and the likes rather than selling those same products directly to their own customer base. The process works well for VARs because they get paid by selling products, software, and subscriptions, and the focus is on large volumes and bulk purchases rather than making one-off sales, as would happen with an end user buyer of software licenses like a small business owner or an entrepreneur running their own startup. The VAR sector is prime for big-time disruption, and multiple startups are doing well to disrupt this segment, but the scope here is massive, so there is room for more.

Traditional Channel Partners and VARs are less focussed on Startups offering disruptive Saas platforms.

Traditional Channel Partners are not as focussed on startups.

  • Traditional channel partners are focussed on large companies.
  • Smaller startups do not have the resources to drive sales in small and mid-market segments, which boosts recurring revenue.

SaasTribe provides visibility to startup products with a large user community and our outreach to small and mid-market customer bases.

SaasTribe is an excellent place for startups to grow revenue.

The platform provides visibility to startup products with a large user community. This allows users to discover new software and the value that each product can bring them.

SaasTribe has a large user community, over 15 thousand registered founders, agencies, consultants and early adopters, who are active on the platform daily and make it a large community for promising startups to promote their platform and gain momentum in sales.

With the support of SaasTribe and its strong network of startup members, you can reach a larger audience of customers looking for the latest products in their industry. The platform also provides tools to help manage your business more effectively so that you have time left over for growing your company by building better Saas platforms to disrupt the market.

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